Looking For The Third Act

So I’m thinking of doing this:

I’m not exactly sure what it’s really going to be about. I kind of see it as a spiritual descendant of all those Richard Bach books I read in the late 80s and early 90s. You know, the seagull who wanted to master flight and the airplane pilot who didn’t want to be a messiah and the couple who travel to alternate realities to learn how their relationship does or doesn’t work out, stuff like that. Bach was an influence on me back then, and the DNA is probably still in there. So I’m thinking that, since the whole book is a kind of mishmash of alternate worlds anyway, why not wrap it up in a 70K third act that explores the spiritual, philosophical side of Richard Burley.

Anyway, I might start work on it today (no, I’m not kidding; I don’t do April Fools jokes), or I might wait a little bit to meditate on the plot some more, but I think I can imagine some of the details already. For one thing, it should probably have Athena in it. And probably Richard’s ex-wife Kara can come back. There are possibilities here. I just need to get the basics in my head, and then go for it, because that’s how Richard Burley novels work.

I may still polish up and release the first two acts as is. But then, maybe I’ll wait until the third act is complete and in place, in which case, this cover probably won’t be used.

But it’s not a bad one for a bit of dicking around in Illustrator.

I think I’m gonna go lay down for a bit. Been awake since about 3 AM, and I’m feeling slightly winded.

Have a great day. Thanks for reading.


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