Life (set of two; acrylic; wet)

I’ve started posting paintings and stories about them over here:

Mirroring Life small

I’m still trying to settle on the name, but so far, it’s Birth, Mirroring Life, or just Life.

They are dedicated to the memories of Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, and Don Pardo, and as a birthday wish to Vernon Reid of Living Colour, because hey, life goes on, and this is what it looks like… to me, at least.


Life: ConceptionLife 1of2 sml

Life: ArrivalLife 2of2 sml

ETA Again:

And THIS is the same pair of paintings at the ‘midway point’*, looking more like Wassily Kandinsky than Jackson Pollock on steroids, which is how I tend to think of my abstract work.
(click to embiggen):

* In truth, the midway point is hard to measure without filming the entire process, which I might do someday, if I can get an able-bodied assistant to record the process. The thing is, the midway point is where I know it’s working, but that it needs…

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