Oh Please Don’t Ask Me How I Feel… I Feel Fine

Wrote up a manifesto for creating a new process for PBW2 in 2015. It’s hald manifesto, half actual plan. I haven’t spelled out the timeline in absolute dates yet, but if the gang likes the basic structure, and we can get the Councillor’s approval and support, we’ll start setting things up and firming up details ahead of a January campaign launch.

That is, if there are no serious objections. This is a tough room I’ve brought together. I expect good ideas, but I also expect there to be strong criticisms of my ideas.

Not actively writing the novel I started this month. Wasn’t expecting opposition from my wife to starting it. Haven’t been able to look at it the same since. So I’ve gone back and tried to finish Act 2 of THE APPROXIMATE DISTANCE TO LIMBO (aka Return Trip). It’s coming so slowly, it hurts. No real time to write, and I’ve been reluctant to dig in. *sigh*

Steep Inclinations will have to wait until some time in the New Year, as far as I can tell. No band to speak of, so I really am treating this as the last Etcetera Thesis project. It’s not so much a determination to leave as a realisation that I’m the only one still here. Time to go.

Maybe form a new band some time in the new year. Or maybe 2016. We’ll see if I make it that far.

The StinZine (issue #005) is at the printers.

Started four newish paintings, but I’m already thinking I want to start a new series, using some canvases I’ve had laying around for another project I’ve elected to abandon, simply because n o one really wants or needs me to do that one, now. Thinking of picking up one or two more 12″x36″ canvases and doing either an upright polyptych or one continuous horizontal strip, featuring Zoe in ashcan style paintings a la Edward Hopper, but in her own world. I had been thinking of paying a more direct homage to Hopper, who has been a quiet influence of mine, but I don’t want to hue too close, as his legacy has become a little strip mined in recent years. I just want to capture the feel of his work using a teenaged Zoe doing her best impression of 40/50s starlets in interesting locations doing cool cinematic things. If that works out, I may try her out doing some Muchaesque things next year. those will be larger canvases. Something in four or five foot lengths. I’ve been keeping Zoe mostly to myself for too long.

Becky (aka Baby Cat) is extremely miserable, thanks to the introduction of Stevie (aka Little One), who is an irrepressible sweetheart with an all-consuming need for love and attention, and a refusal to accept no… for long.

And Lucky (aka Panther)… well, I still miss him. A lot. Dawn and I don’t talk about our boy too often, but we both miss him. He was utterly unique, and though Becky and Stevie have been working around the clock to fill his space, they’re not really anything like him.

This was a photo I took of him just a few short days before he died. He was perfectly content just to be with us in those last days. He was at his most curious, most affectionate, most friendly.
My Poor Boy

Thank you for reading. I’ll try to have more for tomorrow.


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