There Is A Voice Within Us All

Okay, so I’ve been offline for the better part of the last three weeks, with a few exceptions, and currently, my main website is offline, until I get some money to our web server tomorrow or the day after.

My arm is not 100% healed yet, but it’s getting good again. I can type, and I can ALMOST feel my ring and pinky fingers on my left hand properly again. Still a bit tingly, and my hand and forearm ache if I overdo it. Like now. One hand typing time.

I’m a little burned out on my PB duties at the moment, and in need of a rethink as per strategy for getting our Councillor to commit to a 2015 budget. He wants and needs a PB process that works, but I suspect he doesn’t trust me and my team to pull it off. Shame, because there really isn’t anyone else who will do it effectively for the price.

Also furious with the suburban Councillors who refuse to back the LRT initiative. They’re holding the city’s future hostage, and I think they ought to give their collective heads a shake and get back to working for the common good, if that was ever their intent. Amalgamation has rarely been so divisive.

I’m planning on entering a few of my smaller abstract paintings into a local show in April. Wish me luck. It’s these pieces I’ve submitted for review:
Three Little Wishes - Faith sml
Three Little Wishes - Hope sml
Three Little Wishes - Love sml

I’m trying to finish proofreading and formatting RETURN TRIP for self-publishing. I’d like to have it all done tonight, so I can submit it to KDP/Createspace and Smashwords tomorrow.

I’m starting to tinker with STEEP INCLINATIONS yet again. It’s slow going with one hand, but I think this will be the year.

Thank you to everyone who has been helping me along in the last while. You really are wonderful people. I couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you for reading.


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