No Serious Irregularities

Just a brief post to talk about what I’m up to, and to share a brief bit of graphical stats amusement, which I don’t do very often anymore.

First, there’s those buttons I started working on. They’re still not done. I might work on them today, barring interruptions. Gotta give them a black glass effect, before finishing them with something a little more eye popping. I wish I had some white paint…

Second, I’m trudging through the miles of rough road towards the end of CUSTOMS AND ROAD SONGS OF LIMBO. It’s a collection of weird and sometimes extremely naughty stories about a lot of new people, including a handful about Richard Burley. These will likely be the last Richard Burley tales I tell for a very long time, if not forever. I may post a bit of one sooner or later. We’ll see.

Third, I’m contemplating redrawing an old picture, called Ægypt, which I was meant to finish drawing and then paint way back in my college days. I’m thinking of a proper update, because the imagery and symbolism I chose back then isn’t as pertinent to me now as it was then (though some fun things haven’t changed, and certainly won’t). The original looked something like this:
Ægypt 001 sml
I have so many other pieces of illustration work to do, but this old piece keeps calling to me, like an old lost love, waiting for their moment. So I’ll take a new look at it, if I can, and get old business out of the way once and for all. Who knows? Maybe I’ll reconnect with the fiery young artist I was in my teens and twenties. Not likely, but it could happen.

Fourth: I have PB stuff I should be working on, but no one is asking me, although I probably owe some work somewhere to get the ball rolling. When I get that figured out, I’ll make a stab at it.

Fifth: Okay, time to stop mucking about. There’s always a million other things to think about, but I promised I’d show you some metrics. These next two images are screenshots from two of my most steadily visited posts on this website. Regulars can probably guess which ones they are (and no, it’s NOT Thick as a Brick II).

GENESIS – DUKE (1980) – a classic rock album review

The LAST LOVE SCENE – an excerpt from TERMINAL MONDAY [slightly NSFW]

And there you have it. As Elizabeth Bear liked to say back in the last good LiveJournal days, five things makes a post.

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