Broken Site

My home site,, seems to be broken right now. No idea what’s actually wrong with it, but it may be that the theme broke and screwed up all of the code somehow. Should be fun trying to get that sorted out.

Meanwhile, I’m researching my year end music post. Been poring over albums from 2015 to decide if it’s worth doing. So far, a lot of dogs, but there are a few diamonds in the pile, so I figure I’ll do a truncated version in the next week. But first, I have to do some work on a comic strip/holiday card I’ve been staring at for the past few days.

I’m also thinking about some new songs. Not so much about the album project I’ve been promising. I may table it for another year and focus on music instead. Thinking there are a few musician friends of mine, including my long-time songwriting partner Gary Falkins, whom I’d like to work with on a new People’s Republic of Limbo album, instead of the catalogue blowout album I have planned to follow the concept album. I’ve been thinking my next couple of music projects were going to be clearing the decks projects, but they’re not as imperative to me just now. I’m hearing a lot of music that doesn’t quite go to eleven, and a few that definitely go there, and I’m thinking it’s time I wrote and recorded a rock album people actually want to listen to.

For those wondering, there WILL be a new book in 201. I will be stopping a lot of other stuff to make room for writing. Expect more news soon.
Customs and Road Songs of Limbo
The Constant Sea of Night

And I made twenty one small abstract paintings yesterday for one or two major Abstract Assemblages, which I sort of worked out in advance, but I may jigger with it some more now that I have drying pieces of art to work with. Think there is a way to create something visually sequential and not simply consecutive. In the past, the way I arranged the pieces as I painted them defined how the finished work was arranged. This time around, there’s a bit of that, but not as perfectly as before, so there is room–need, even–for reinterpretation and further interaction to create a more narrative sequence. We’ll see. The piece(s) won’t be assembled until the new year. Money ran out again. Would be nice if someone would buy a painting right about now. Images coming soon as the paintings are dry and I can try out he layout ideas again.

Anyway, sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been busy with the StinZine and The Anvil, two local community publications I’ve been involved with.
The Anvil 001 - cover 002d

Time to sign off. Have a great day, and Season’s Greetings.


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