I Look At You All, And See The Love There That’s Sleeping

I have a pretty big announcement I’m holding off on until I’m sure it’s what I want to do. Or not do, as the case may be.

I have art and novels and music to contemplate.

I need to make some sales. Money is very tight again this month, and there are still important things that need paying off. So if you’ve been holding off until now, now would be a really nice time to pay me for some of my work. Or if you haven’t, but just feel like being nice to me, I’d very much appreciate you buying some of my work. In fact, just about now, I’ll gladly accept money from people who didn’t even realize they wanted to own some of my work. Thank you.

I never really wanted to be rich or even famous. Wouldn’t hate it outright, but it’s never been my goal. I think I just always wished I were better understood. At least, I’d always hoped I would be appreciated by more people than I seem to be appreciated by today… which is sort of not a lot. ‘A few’ might even be a stretch.

*sigh* Seems I’m still wrestling with a bout of depression. Please pardon me.