What Have I Got To Say For Myself ~OR~ Feeding The Bite That Hands You

Okay, I’ve been trying to do my part on the latest issue of The Anvil, but everything keeps kinda going sideways. We should have a new printer shortly. Our previous one went out of business without notifying us. Print news isn’t dead yet, but it’s not in great shape. Not at all.

I have two sets of comic strips to draw. No idea if they’ll be done in time for the print.

I’ve also been playing with the idea of re-releasing Terminal Monday, owing to corrections I’ve had to make recently to get it back up on Smashwords’ premium catalogue, including quite a few spelling corrections I did for giggles. I was shocked to see how many typos had crept in there, the little bastards.

I’ve pretty much completed another collaboration with my wife/agent/manager/partner, Dawn, which has had the provisional working title ‘Rage Sunflowers’ for a few months now. It was threatening to be a mediocre piece, but I went back to work on it the other day, and over the last few days, forced it to become something special. It should impress a few people. And we’re prepping another piece for the same show; basically an extension of the Chaos & Order series. We’re talking eight to ten in total. I had concepts for a whole series, but scrapped it because it wasn’t Dawn’s cup of tea. This collaboration thing is harder than I remember it being.

I’ve also also not made any real progress on the Tarot series. I fear I’ve lost momentum. too much going on. I can hardly wait for all of this volunteer work to dry up, so I can focus entirely on my career(s) again.

And that album I promised? Not sure which one, at this point, but I know it won’t be done this year. Sorry. The Etcetera Thesis concept album is stumping me. I may return to the drawing board and tweak the plot until it feels good. We’ll see. And as for The People’s Republic of Limbo stuff? Probably not going to happen any time soon. Gary and I are talking about doing something brand new, instead, but when we actually do that is anybody’s guess.

The new books are still waiting for me to get back to work on them. CUSTOMS and ROAD SONGS of LIMBO and The CONSTANT SEA of NIGHT will soon have my nearly undivided attention.

I have Dreamfall Chapters. I’ve started playing it. It’s good. Just haven’t had enough time to sit and play it much. *sigh*

And finally, I’m thinking that it would be a good idea to move away from Hamilton and start over somewhere else where, perhaps, my art and writing and music careers can thrive. I’d like to make more than one or two sales in a year. Not sure how difficult that will actually be, since I’ve been an ODSP recipient for a handful of years now, and my saleable skills are as a graphic designer, which every monkey with an illegal copy of Adobe Creative Suite or free copies of GIMP and Inkscape think they can do better than the pros.

Ignorance is a powerful tool, used correctly. *chuckles*

It’s too darned hot, and the rent is too damn high. Thank you for reading.