I Can Take Humiliation And Hurtful Comments From The Boss

Okay, what’s going on here? I posted a few days ago, but my website says I haven’t posted in weeks. Weird.

Site’s probably going to be down for a week or two, until we get things paid up. I’ll keep folks posted if anything important happens on one of my free websites.

Friends of mine sold one of my paintings, Frenzy. Still have to collect the money and distribute the commission payments.

Still trying to get the drawing done for The Fool. It’s gotta be a really tight line drawing, so I can paint without getting lost and painting stuff that doesn’t look real.

Link Worlds game development is on hiatus again. Waiting to hear if Rodney wants in. If not, I may kick it open to another friend or two. Rod is a good partner, but he’s busy.

My upcoming Sci-Fi novel is on hold. Can’t seem to get the plots resolved. Need to spend some time in the mind map program on my tablet, sorting things out. This is a priority project, though, so I’ll get it hashed out sooner or later. The stories are good. Just not fleshed out enough and gelling right, yet.

Band and solo albums are still on hold. Gary’s perpetually busy anyway. Probably next year.

Stinson Creative Lab is going to be my area of focus for community outreach for the next while. I’ve stepped down as co-chair of the Stinson Community Association. I’m not good at bureaucratic rigamarole, and feel I can help better from outside the establishment than from within. Not a dig on the SCA. I just don’t feel like I was effective in that format.

Might do some more stipple drawings, but other than some lists, I don’t have anything planned out yet.

I have other things, but that seems to be all that’s coming to mind. OH! And the next Anvil issue, which is still percolating, will be on the subject of Women’s Issues. Heady stuff, folks.

Time to get stuff sorted. Have a day.