I Would Burn It Down For Love

Okay, no more politics today. Gotta get dressed and try to do a bit of cleaning in the kitchen. The cupboards need scrubbing. As it is, the exterminator will dally through here, declare it unclean, blame us for everything, and waltz out without placing so much as a trap, let alone some actual bait. I’m thinking of telling her to stay away if she’s not going to do anything constructive. Probably won’t. I’m Canadian. *sigh*

Listening to music to get some ambition going. The tea is helping, but not much. Caffeine is failing me a lot, lately. Time to consider a cocaine addiction, I suppose. Might lose weight, too.

Actually, I’m going to have my bipolar meds reviewed next Tuesday, so hopefully it won’t come to that.

Still haven’t finished the LRT song, though I did come up with a structure, a lyric, and the basic chord progressions. Just need to go over it again when I have some free time to make sure the chorus and the bridges work. Actually, the middle 8/refrain bothers me. I was hoping for something in a nice key change, but this feels too pedestrian, without lifting the piece to where I want it for the finale. Might need to consult my songwriting partner to see if he has any ideas. I wrote it all on guitar, which might be what’s bothering me, since it was meant to be written on keys, like Born to Run and Thunder Road. But the progression is pretty close to B2R without plagiarizing, so I think it does what’s needed. I even found a nice guitar riff/chord progression to go out on. Just gotta take some more time to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and then demo it and start laying down the tracks.

The underdrawing for the first Tarot painting isn’t any closer to being finished than it was a few days ago. Been stalling. I can’t quite work out why. I think I’m afraid of messing it up, like there’s some judge out there grading me on this. I want to use a bunch of references to get my details right, but it’s not a place that actually exists, so what references I can use is a question. Also, out of toner for the printer, so printing reference sheets is a little difficult just now.

Might do a couple of album reviews. I’ve been stalling, but there ARE a couple of albums this year that I’ve been wanting to write about: Bowie’s Blackstar, and Anderson/Stolt’s Invention of Knowledge. Might also go back and review Toto’s XIV. The album has stuck with me. Listening to it right now. It still stands up beautifully. We’ll see.

Thinking I might restart The CONSTANT SEA of NIGHT for NaNoWriMo, just to get things going.

The Link Worlds Game is still percolating. Anyone wanna work on a board game? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Eratica comes home soon, IIRC. I’ll be looking for buyers again shortly. More similar works to come.

I designed a new cover for The BACK ROADS of LIMBO. The original was incomplete, and a little confusing, I guess. No one has bought a copy that I didn’t sign myself. It’s got some of my best short story writing in it, but no one wants it. *sigh*

I have at least one more collaborative painting with Dawn to finish, though I’m hoping to get an even dozen for a show next year. Dawn thoughtfully assembled the most recent one, though it needs some touch-ups before I varnish it. Sorry, no photos, please. Come to the show, when I get it going.

The Anvil might be in trouble. No money for the new year. Brandon says there are no grants for us. This sucks. We need ad sales to make this sustainable, but haven’t got the trained/skilled sales staff to hustle up ads right now. Might have to try my hand at it. Not anticipating much success.

I’ve got about 25 #yesLRT buttons to give away. Comment below if you want one, or message me on Facebook.

Time to get stuff done. Best Wishes.