Running With The Animals Tonight

This should probably be listed as a LinkWorlds game update, but it doesn’t feel like one, so I won’t.

The problem is, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and uninspired. The workload is finally getting me down. I was hoping to have a few people come in and get involved, if for no other reason than to provide me with a soundboard. However, for various reasons, I’m alone and getting bogged down in the minutiae.

Currently, I am drawing 3D isomorphic room sections on hex tiles, and also conducting a staring contest with a nearly blank page called Inca Espania. I added two new scenario titles about five minutes ago, after staring for about a week. This is not what I’m in the habit of referring to as progress. As least, not compelling progress.

In other news, I finished the much-too-late December issue of the StinZine. I have made it the January issue. I will probably catch flak for it being late, even though I really needed more communication from the staff. I was working on it in November, so frankly, it could have been on time if I’d had all of the content and decisions made long before now. Ah well. My fault, I’m almost certain. I’ve been so reluctant to usurp control of the paper, and the new team are so ambivalent towards me coming back to work on it further. They don’t seem to appreciate that I did this job without much help in the past. And I was on time. *shrug*

In other news, the Hamilton Anvil WILL be undergoing a radical format shift. So Brandon and I are dicking around with inDesign and Publisher files to demonstrate the format properly. Problem is, Brandon did a bunch of work in his publisher file, and I didn’t anticipate having to tweak his file so much, so it’s created a lot of unnecessary make work for me that I’ve been dicking around not finishing in the last couple of days.

Yesterday, I published a collection of bits and bobs of fiction that I’ve been sitting on for a few years. It’s called UNPLANNED DETOUR TO LIMBO. It’s still under ‘review’. They’ll probably bitch that I didn’t include a hotlinked table of contents. I wrote a ToC out, reluctantly, but I couldn’t be arsed to link it all up, because frankly, it’s not really intended for the reader to be able to surf through. I don’t expect anyone to actually read it. I just wanted to publish something. I’ve been feeling stale. The content is largely stuff being restructured or rewritten for other projects, so it was this or delete, and I couldn’t bring myself to delete the stuff I included, because it’s mostly pretty good stuff. Even some of my sharpest, funniest, most compelling adventure fiction is in there.

Also, some of my smuttiest sex scenes. Not gratuitous, but pretty raunchy. Not a lot. Just enough. I probably would have held that stuff back for the other compilation, Hot Nights in Limbo, but I’m beginning to suspect I won’t be releasing that, now. I don’t mind being identified as an adult author, but I do mind the idea of being thought of as a porn author. I don’t hate porn. I just don’t like the stigma. So, I may pull that title out of circulation.

Now I’ll try to get back to work on The CONSTANT SEA OF NIGHT. Many, many miles of road left to cover.

It’s been almost ten years since I started working on TERMINAL MONDAY. November is the official birthday. I may throw a little party some time this year. TM wasn’t my first completed novel, but it was and remains my longest, most cohesive narrative piece. It’s epic. An opus of sorts. I still find it weird to think I actually published that piece. I don’t even own a printed copy of it; I sold my last print a few years ago. I really need to order more, but there’s never money enough to do so anymore.

The announcement of actor John Hurt’s death came today. No more War Doctor stories. He was a fine, fine actor. I’ll miss him.

I think I’ll end on a positive note: My songwriting partner and best friend Gary is turning some undogly age in a couple of days. I’ll probably forget to mention it here in a few days, so, Happy Birthday, amigo. I love you. Gary and I have been musical partners since the summer of 1994, and really, it’s been a bumpy ride, but worth every minute of it. Marillion still hasn’t retired, so we’re still wannabe second stringers. I hope we get together more this year and actually write and record a new album, to prove we still can. With each passing year, I worry about that more and more.

More to come, I hope.

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