Like The Dust That Settles All Around Me… I Must Find A New Home

Sooo… I’ve been awake for a few hours, trying desperately to get in the mood to do some work. So far, no good. I have oodles of fiction writing to do. I also have hundreds of game board tiles to design and illustrate. And I have some homework to do for The Hamilton Anvil AND the StinZine.

So what have I been doing?

Dickering with my bookselling websites.

I don’t even bother to direct people to this website to read about my books anymore. I have a WooCommerce store on this site that I’ve been procrastinating filling up with art and books and stuff, because NO VISITORS TO THIS SITE GIVE ME FEEDBACK. *ahem*

If I knew what people wanted from me, I’d be doing it. Unless it involves making bowling pins. My years in the bowling pin factory are over.

Genesis is singing to me from the early 80s. Afterglow.

I published a new collection of fiction. You haven’t read any of it. Trust me on this.

So there. Either go buy my latest offering, or ask yourself what you’re doing here.

Thank you for reading.