Chase and Harmony

I apologize (regardless of what my Grade 11 English teacher told me about never apologizing at the start of whatever I write) for not keeping in touch. This last month or so has been relatively quiet in Limbo. We haven’t sold any art; We haven’t had any art shows; I haven’t finished writing a new novel in over a year, perhaps two; I HAVE self-published a short work that was already part of a past anthology publication (that almost nobody read anyway); I also E-published a collection of unfinished pieces, called Unplanned Detour to Limbo, for those of you who, like me, subscribe to the ‘Better Than Nothing’ philosophy (okay, that’s not true; I’m a recovering perfectionist). I also DID help publish the first issue of the second volume of The (Hamilton) Anvil, which hasn’t been posted online yet (my bad; soon).

I haven’t finished the Link Worlds game. I haven’t finished recording or producing Steep Inclinations, the final album from/for the defunct Canadian Progressive Pop band, Etcetera Thesis. I haven’t finished any of the Tarot paintings. I haven’t finished the Chaos & Order painting collaboration series with my partner. I haven’t finished the dishes. I haven’t finished lunch, either…

Okay, that’s one thing taken care of *wipes crumbs from beard*.

I quietly quit a Yes facebook group today, as some people there seem to think that I’m not intelligent enough to see what a cynical, conniving, money-grubbing faux-hippy (one of) my musical hero(es), Jon Anderson (of Yes-fame) is. I left because I had to admit that they were right. I can’t see it. Jon’s a complete and utterly hopeless Hippy of the First Order. That’s part of WHY he’s one of my heroes. He and Tommy Chong are really all that’s left of the psychedelic 60s, folks. The Peace and Love Generation has suffered every indignity, from capitalist sell-outs to chicken sandwiches, and yet Jon and Tommy are still representing the two sides of hippiedom that haven’t been demonized in the last few years: psychedelic drug use (Chong) and spiritual awakening (Anderson, duh).  The people I encountered were clearly just a pack of rancid @$$holes.

The only thing I approve of is that the moderators erased the entire argument, including my comments, to prevent a flame war. 10/10 for expert moderation. 2 out of 10 for Community… but that’s actually harder to achieve, so I bear the forum admins no ill will. But their community clearly has a few too many people who didn’t read the bloody introduction to the group, where we all try to get along and stow our prejudices about which member or group is which.

Okay, so back to business:

1) I want to collaborate with another writer. I’ve said it before, and I’ll reiterate it. I want to write what I’m writing by myself, but I think in the future, I’d like to collaborate on a few things with a fairly like-minded writer friend. I DO have a few of those, still, right? 

2) I’m also going to be focussing on writing and drawing comics for a while. I’ve put off the Sunday Afternoon Matinée for so many years, it feels like I’m on permanent hiatus. That was never my intention. So I’ve started moving stuff around to focus on writing and drawing a series of graphic novels I’ve been sitting on for over 25 years. They may not be the next Watchmen or Sandman, but I really want to get my bit in before I pop off, having done nothing about it.

FYI: I once started a fledgling comics company called Nova Comics, back in the mid-to-late 80s, while I was still in junior school. Of course, I had no idea what I was doing, so of course, it never left the basement. I also wanted to expand into my Epic/Vertigo phase, with something called Omega Publishing. I had this stuff planned out. Sunday Afternoon Matinée was part of that. I used to also have a fake indie comic book imprint called Sir Eel Comics, where I did some 24-hour comics and a few Nemo pastiches featuring Zoe. But I think I’m starting to consider actually making a real comic book company for the 21st Century, with honest heroes and heroines and relationships and dynamics and sociopolitics, called Paradigm Shift Comics*. I’ve been thinking for a while that I need a steady platform to share some of my ideas about what the hell we’re doing wrong with the world, and how we should change ourselves to accommodate the real life paradigm shift our society seems to be heading towards (with certain exceptions, of course).

3) I am starting to think about writing some brand new songs and jamming with people again. The Steep Inclinations concept album is not going to get done this year either, unless a dramatic change of events takes place. I WANT to do it. People are actually starting to add the page I created for it on Facebook. But I’m just not ready to go forward with it yet. Second guessing my story. Want it to make a difference, but unsure if bisexuality is a hot enough topic anymore, and if a veritable adventure script like the one I have is called for. I’ve been procrastinating about it for a couple of years now, and it’s bothering me that it’s bothering me.

4) I want to get the LINK game done. I want it demoed and tested and sold and manufactured and distributed as soon as I can. This is another idea that’s been in development for something like 25-30 years. Waiting much longer sits poorly with me. So I will return to it as soon as possible.

and 5 makes a post) More changes are coming, although I think the biggest is, I really am starting to pull back pretty naturally from volunteer work in my hometown. I’ve been glad to do it this long, but it’s getting to be a sickness with me, and I need to disentangle myself from all of this stuff that isn’t advancing my career or community in any meaningful way. Still thinking I could do more for my neighbourhood if I got rich and bought stuff for the community, instead**.

Anyway, that’s part of what’s been holding me back from posting. That and experiments with medical cannabis, which I am applying to use medicinally for my bipolar and anxiety problems, as well as my chronic back and joint pain, for which I’ve been prematurely (and unofficially) retired for the last decade, roughly.

Time to get back to work. Thanks for reading.


* I have just discovered a seemingly moribund online comic site called, but it doesn’t look like anything I need to worry about; I’m planning something pretty different from manga style graphic novels.

** I know that making things too easy for a community leads to that community declining due to a lack of empowerment, but I still think we need some good old fashion philanthropy in Stinson. Since no one else seems to be doing it, I figured I’d give it a spin, if I can just fix problem #1: Getting Rich.