Welcome Back My Friends

I’ll be getting the main blogsite back up an running in a week or so. Meanwhile, I’m just in the mood to clear my head a bit. No idea what I want to say. I’ve been pretty quiet and clammed up for a while now. The book is stalled. The paintings are stalled. The album… ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa… *sob*

I’ve been out of therapy for about two and a half years, if I’m counting correctly. Dr. Waldenberg retired two summers ago. It’s been weird not having someone to talk to about my inner workings. I can remember when that wasn’t a thing in my life, and I blogged pretty incessantly. In fact, I blogged better while in therapy, as well.

That’ll be changing, as I’ve requested a referral to a new psychiatrist. We’ll see if we’re a good match, presumably after I get the referral notification in writing. I’m not excited about it. I just think it’s time I got my house back in order, and I’d like to remove whatever barriers are keeping me from getting work done.

I have recently become a medical cannabis user. This means I spend a portion of most days at least a little bit stoned. This is meant to deal with my recurring back pain, bipolar disorder, and lately, anxiety. I can’t really do large groups or long interactions with strangers. I have to be pretty manic to manage it at all, most days, and that can often lead to lapses in judgement about how reliable or trustworthy some people can be.

I’ve backed off of all of the volunteer work I’d been doing for my community. I may continue to do stuff with the Stinson Creative Lab (Love you, Natasha!), but I’m withdrawing from public life to get back to work on my flagging creative career.

I took most of December and January off to deal with the shape of my head, and hopefully get some new direction and reinvigorate my plans, such as they are.

This isn’t a very coherent post, but I’m satisfied. Thank you for reading. More to come soon.


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