About Lee Edward McIlmoyle

I write fiction. I also write songs. I design commercial graphics. I used to paint. I also dabble in creating comics and video games, none of which are finished. Well, okay, one comic is technically finished, but I did it for the 24-Hour Comic Challenge, and always intended to redraw and paint it for a proper publication. Some day…

I’m married to a kitchen witch. I share space with two eccentric cats and three eccentric computers. I’m diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I’m a non-practising Bisexual. I’m also self-identifying as polyamorous, but am not actively involved with anyone other than my wife.

My close friends know who they are. That list is so short, you almost certainly aren’t one of them. However, if you’d like to talk about it, maybe there’s room for one more.

I intend to talk about books, writing, comics, art, music, television, movies and friends on this blog. You’re welcome to join in and comment. I don’t bite very hard.

My MUSIC can be bought HERE.

My BOOKS can be bought HERE.


  1. Lee!
    Thanks so much for your awesome & in-depth review of Levin Torn White. Just sent the link to all the guys. So stoked you liked the record.

    Happy Holidays!!
    Scott Schorr – Producer
    Levin Torn White
    Lazy Bones Recordings

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