LinkTales, Volume One: Unfinished Novels and Unplayable Games


A long time ago, in a row house far, far away, there was a little boy who had whole universai growing in his head, giving him dreams big enough to conquer a world. This, sadly, is not his story.

This is the story about one particular universe that said boy, all grown up with bad facial hair and such, tried to introduce to the world as a roleplaying game. With the help of Rodney Brazeau, his trusty protégé-turned-dictator, Lee Edward (as his grandmother used to call him) set out to remap the stars in a fantastical portrayal of the Old West and the gas-lit streets of Old Blighty, complete with science-as-magic and shadowy energy vampires, and with plans to release many more games about many more mad worlds.

Sadly, it all came to very little (Lee still hasn’t been paid), but at least certain cola and beer companies profited by their madness.

Contained in these pages is the newly expanded version of the novella originally written by Lee for the LINK: West RPG manual, as well as the glossary and index entries, which are an illuminating and occasionally entertaining glimpse into the workings of the Link Continuum, and may be needed going forward with the rest of the LinkWorlds fiction series, the descriptions for which have been thoughtfully included in this volume as well. Don’t say we never did anything for you.

I just told you not to say that.

On Her Majesty’s Dark Charge 1

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