LinkTales, Volume Two: The Best Laid Plans Never Get Played

Return to the Decay Worlds of the Omniverse, those realities that have been so affected by the powers of Entropy and Chaos that the laws of nature and entire histories have been radically rewritten. Rejoin Martin Gorman as he trains for knighthood in the Order of the Widowed Dragon. Witness Sister Angela fight the minions of the Darkness in gaslit Euroboros and the untamed frontiers of Amerius. Visit the lost island civilization of El Dorado. Discover the Hope Spring and its enigmatic protector. Sail the strangeways between Decay Worlds aboard the golden barge Tartarus. And learn the true story of Leanna Casel’s lost season in the hills of the Borpor Woodsman’s haunted homestead.

LinkTales: Volume Two continues to share the 1001 Tales of the Omniverse foretold of in the first volume. Come gather around the campfire with the deities and legends of yesteryear as they share their deepest secrets and reveal the underpinnings of their worlds and ours.

Continuing the series of adventures in the Link Continuum, we bring you tales from two separate worlds and three continents between them, more than three dozen new stories and a handful of classic Link Continuum short stories being published for the first time.

Spend some time exploring North Amerius’ many legendary sights and experience the world of Link: West in a new way, in Frontier.

Travel once more to Euroboros to meet Angela, the Huntress, heroine of the Sisterhood and scourge or Darklings everywhere, as she travels the world to track down and expunge the sources of the Darkness growing in Euroboros, Amerius, Acadia and Inca Espania.

Then hook up with the crew of the Tartarus, the golden sail barge cursed to sail forever from one world to the next in the Decay Worlds of the Link Continuum, and witness the results of the radical changes that swept through the world they left behind on Zahara, as well as on Oceania, the first and most radically affected of the worlds they visited.

Then join us once more in medieval Euroboros for a preview of the adventure to come in The Shadow Sygne, the next full length novel in the series.

Plus, read a series of notes and essays on the original series of planned Link Continuum novels, including Another Fine Mess, the LinkBeing trilogy and the Ryverr’s Dream anthology.

Join us for another romp through the Link Continuum, and this time, try not to track any mud in on the floor. We just washed that.

Portait of the Wystren Empire
The Enclave

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