Terminal Monday: Under Observation

Terminal Monday: Under Observation is a novella that retells the considerably exaggerated events of the time when Richard Burley, professional writer and aspiring composer, woke up to find himself under clinical observation in the psychiatric ward of a NYC hospital. He spends a few days there, going through mental and emotional hell while he tries to piece himself back together again. It’s not a light read, but it’s quite entertaining in places, if I do say so myself.

It’s currently available through Smashwords for $2.99USD, and at Amazon for $2.99 USD. It’s now also available for Kobo, Sony Reader and Nook, also for $2.99.


This is a very long chapter taken from my second novel, Terminal Monday. I’m releasing it separately as a novella because I believe it reads perfectly well on its own. It also serves as a litmus test for those who are unsure about whether they want to read the entire novel. Basically, if you read thirty-nine thousand (39,000) words of one of the heaviest parts of the novel and still decide it’s really not for you, then imagine how much time (not to mention a couple more bucks) you will have saved from not picking up and reading the whole two-hundred-sixty thousand (260,000) word novel. I’m not Marcel Proust, after all. No one is going to demand you read Terminal Monday for your English Lit course. I’m just trying to help you out here.

If you’d rather save your pesos and buy the whole enchilada when it’s ready*, then by all means, do so. If I ever figure out how to offer a rebate for people who buy the novella and then purchase the rest of the novel at full price afterwards, I’ll definitely try to make it retroactive so that early adopters can save money on something else of mine. Sadly, the coupon thingy through Smashwords seems to be a timed thing, and they may not approve my novella anyway, since it’s not the full novel. They’re picky like that.

I know it sounds mercenary to market an eBook novella from one section of a larger novel, but believe you me, it’s a whopping huge chapter, and it really does stand entirely on its own in terms of narrative strength and fullness of shape. If you only ever read Under Observation, you will still have read the part of the book I am most proud of, and you’ll have completely avoided all that messy stuff with the orgies and the songwriting and the scab script doctoring and all the rest.

Under Observation is almost entirely a work of fiction, but it also contains very mature subject matter, including sex, violence, and mental illness. Please do not let minors read this unless you are prepared to discuss it with them afterwards. Thank you.

Lee Edward McIlmoyle,
Somewhere in Limbo,
Early in the morning sipping tea and listening to Big Wreck,
Sunday, October 16th, 2011

* Gimme a few more days to finish rewriting that silly bit I wrote at the beginning, about taking a walk on the Escarpment Rail Trail, here in Hamilton, when the rest of the novel takes place in NYC.

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